SPOT SANDALS FOR MEN SS-15 – Sandals that we vouch for!

When the feet aren’t happy then we aren’t too, right? Times have changed and the one sitting at home is now the hero saving the world.

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Beach Ready Spot Sandals For The Vacation Season

When the beach is calling, we can never say no! Be it the loose sand, high waves, cold breeze, or the perfect view of the sun, moon, and stars; beaches are definitely a place full of fun and frolic. It becomes a place to lose all our worries and to live in the moment until […]

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Spot’s Best Men’s Slippers & Sandals Collection For Summer

It’s hot! Nobody wants to cover up the whole body like we used to do in winter, but just wish to be free. Yes, talking about summer is also about freeing ourselves, especially our feet. Covering our feet with socks, and a pair of shoes over it is the norm. However, summer is not favorable […]

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